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Through an innovative virtual team delivery approach, UmmelGroup brings together the best resources in the right roles at the right time to meet our customers' unique requirements and provide better and faster results at a lower cost.

We are technology-and product-neutral: Providing only business-based, unbiased recommendations, our success is measured only by the tangible value our clients realize through our assistance.

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About UmmelGroup International, Inc


UmmelGroup International, Inc. is privately held corporation, offering Enterprise Level: IT Management Consulting services; IT Architectural Services; IT Design Services; IT Project Management Services; Our associates include senior level managers in business and technology organizations for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Many have served in roles of CXO and/or include senior business and technology management experience. Our associates are recognized experts in their respective segments of the industry and many have developed methodologies currently being utilized by "Big 3" consulting firms and others. UmmelGroup maintains an active roster of experienced senior-level consultants, available across a broad range of disciplines, and assigned, as per your requirements on a project-by-project basis. Each of our consultants has over 20 years of experience and subscribes to our shared core values and consulting delivery principles in every project.


UmmelGroup and our consulting partner companies employ a hybrid Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) methodology. This methodology recognizes the interdependency of each step of the system requirements gathering, analysis, and documentation phases, and the need for iterations within the interior processes leading to acceptance.


UmmelGroup acts as an agnostic agent for our clients, providing the highest level of executive IT services in the industry. Through formal agreements with consulting partners, and independent contractors, UmmelGroup maintains a broad capacity to resource a wide range of talent appropriate to the needs of each of our customers.


Our owners and senior consultants have worked on projects for dozens of states and multiple agencies of the federal government. UmmelGroup engages a team of senior consultants whose skill sets are complementary, drawn from our local partnering companies:
Fundamental Technologies, LLC (FTECS), Lawrence, KS; CIO Solutions, Inc (CIO), Olathe, KS; Balance Wheel Technologies, Inc (BWTI), Topekan, KS; Life Services Technologies, LLC (LST), Olathe, KS


UmmelGroup International, Inc. began consulting operations in July 2002 and was incorporated in May 2003. Current and past consulting contracts since 2003 have ranged in length from several weeks to four or more years, and ranged in value from $10,000 to more than $1,000,000 each. We have had no contracts terminated for cause or nonperformance, and fully expect to maintain our 100% customer contract satisfaction and exceptional delivery record in the future.

Our People

Dr. Jerry W. Manweiler - Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Manweiler is an accomplished Data Scientist, Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Physicist, and Project Manager working in all of the Federal, State, and Private sectors. Dr. Manweiler has over 40 years of experience working on small and large system analysis and implementation projects as well as over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience as an owner/manager of UmmelGroup International, Inc. and Fundamental Technologies, LLC. He is a published physicist as well as an accomplished technologist and data scientist displaying a high capacity for providing leadership; understanding and characterizing systems; data analytics; and implementing effective solutions across significantly diverse domain spaces. He has successfully completed large-scale systems design and development projects providing data analytics, conversion, and system integration functionality in the Space Science, Criminal Justice, Transportation, and Health Care sectors.
Skills and Expertise:
Project Management: Program Needs Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Planning, Task Management, Personnel Management, Resource Management
Big Data: Data Analytics: Data Conversion and Integration, Metadata generation and modeling, Predictive Modeling, Data and Metadata Visualization
Software Architecture and Design: Strategic Planning, Business Rules Analysis,
Requirements Analysis: Use Case Analysis, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Process Analysis and Design, Process Reengineering
Software Development: Client/Server, WEB enabled, Distributed, .NET Software Development, C#, C++, JAVA, and many other languages including multiple Legacy languages such as FORTRAN

Mark Ummel - Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ummel is a government compliance and internal audit professional who has over 25 years of experience in the government sector providing regulatory compliance guidance to private businesses and government officials in the areas of Equal Opportunity Employment, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs, and Labor Compliance. As an Internal Audit professional, he has performed a large number of audits in the areas of federal contract compliance, internal business processes, and fraud, waste and abuse. As a small business owner, he has provided consultation services in the areas of Criminal Justice and State Transportation business processes and technology. As President of UmmelGroup, Mr. Ummel oversees all aspects of marketing, contracting, business development, financial management and quality control. He is fully committed to ensuring that employees and associates of UmmelGroup maintain the core values of integrity and honesty established by UmmelGroup Founder Mitchell Ummel, and will ensure that the staff and associates of UmmelGroup deliver the desired products and services as promised.
Skills and Expertise:
Business Owner, Internal Auditor, Fraud Investigations, Project Management, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Business Program Consultant, Public and Private Sectors

Steve Patterson
President - CIO Solutions, Inc

Mr. Patterson is an executive level technologist with over 45 years of experience working with senior business management to develop information technology strategies and to identify and implement enterprise-wide information technology solutions. He is an accomplished technology leader and consultant experienced in establishing and executing value driven IT service strategy and delivery.

Heather Zwiener
Project Manager - Fundamental Technologies, LLC

Ms. Zwiener is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) with over 20 years of experience assisting with requirements gathering and analysis, project management, documentation, personnel management, and reporting for software development projects for private and public sector entities.

Blake Courtney
President - Balance Wheel Technologies, Inc

Mr. Courtney is a thought leader and evangelist for emerging semantic technologies with the capacity to engineer semantic data ontologies, taxonomies, vocabularies, and assist in their exchange across myriad domains. He possesses an uncanny ability to identify emergent technologies that become widely adopted well in advance of general availability. Mr. Courtney focuses on the identification, selection and application of available technologies, tools, and methods supporting Enterprise Information and Integration Architectures to government and private-sector enterprises.

William "Bill" Tillman
President - Life Services Technologies, LLC

Mr. TIllman has over 30 years of Health and Human Services experience in the development and management of public sector IT systems. Mr. Tillman has developed a comprehensive understanding of the unique architectural and organizational needs of government enterprise mainframe and server-based IT systems. During his career in the role as a hands-on software developer, team leader, and manager, he has developed extensive experience in system implementation, management, maintenance, design, architecture, enhancements, interfaces, testing, and modernization of systems.

Dr. J. Douglas Patterson
Senior Data Technologist - Fundamental Technologies, LLC

Dr. Patterson is an accomplished Space Physicist, Data Scientist, and Educator. His 20+ year career has been involved in 5 separate NASA research missions, multiple software development projects, and an educator as a Professor at Johnson County Community College. He has significant experience with modeling and game theory/implementation and has used these skills in his professional career and has now utilizes this experience in the classroom.

Enterprise Resource Planning


UmmelGroup and our consulting partner companies employ a hybrid Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) methodology incorporating an overall program management philosophy of oversight of all project stages. This methodology recognizes the interdependency of each step of the system requirements gathering, analysis, and documentation phases, and the need for iterations within the interior processes leading to acceptance.

This approach provides necessary feedback to you, our client, at all stages and provides quick repetitive feedback loops to you as we iteratively work to scope and document your solution.


Ummelgroup will work with you to envision a holistic information roadmap, integrated with your organization's enterprise architecture, and directly tied to your overall business strategy and vision.
We start by working with your Key Personnel and Stakeholders through individual and group interviews so that a thorough picture of your organization, vision, and goals is understood providing our team with a picture of your organization from the enterprise level down into the key components that forms the cobblestones of the roadmap to your enterprises vision.


Ummelgroup will work with you to plan business-case development, requirements, project portfolio selection, Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, vendor-neutral procurement support, and skills/knowledge transfer.


Ummelgroup works with your team to execute the modeled plan and provide for project delivery, IV&V, and ongoing project risk management towards successful realization of your enterprise's vision. Our consultants are highly experienced in all aspects of plan execution providing your team with the necessary resources to continue normal operations while actively making the necessary changes that drives your organization to the fulfillment of your goals. Our teams success is defined by your success!

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Our team works diligently to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from all of your business activities.

With our holistic approach we provide an integrated and continuously updated view of your core business practices.

Using our methodology, we employ management accounting to assist managers with both financial and non-financial decision making information.

With an integrated, real-time system that looks consistant across all modules and organizes content efficiently, new ideas and solutions can flourish with little to no struggle.

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